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Jens Elling is degreed psychologist, managing director of Elling – Consulting and senior consultant.


He successfully completed a training and worked as communicational psychologist in 1992 by Prof. Schulz von Thun/ Prof. Redlich and is psychodrama guide and mediator.


Since 1996 he coaches and counsels executives of major international as well as medium-sized companies during difficult changes.


He and his colleagues founded the ALUMNI-network for Hamburg psychologists in 2006, to help open doors for research, praxis and teaching.

Depending on your main focus, we individually select project-teams from our network of consultants, which will support your process ideally.


Work focus and projects


Executive training with these key aspects: moderation, presentation, coaching, conflict management, negotiation, mediation, clarification support, project management, structured 

problem solution, target-oriented communication, team training, communicative core skills of team-leadership, coping with stress.


Knowledge-Management: creating trainings for consultants and executives with practical issues, implementation of mentoring-systems, train-the-trainer seminars (e.g. conflict moderation, project management, change-agent, coaching).

Organisational Development and Change Management: culture and team analysis, employee surveys, process monitoring, merging of two departments, large group moderation, management, setting up of international teams and monitoring establishing new structures.

Elling - Consulting
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