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Team-Coaching: That´s how we improve your team!


  • We transparently prepare the topics for a team building intervention together with the executive by help of a team diagnosis.
  • For doing so, we agree with all team members, to use SAG for preparing a team intervention.
  • We set up the online-supported SAG-survey and send an e-mail to each team member with a link to the interview.
  • We review the analysis of the survey (=SAG-diagram) at a PRELIMINARY MEETING with all team members and decide on key topics for the development of the group. This transparency helps the members to identify with the course of action.
  • Moreover, the SAG-coach can prepare the TEAM BUILDING event (2-3 days) more intense and individually after this preliminary meeting, knowing the issues the group is interested in. He will do this in cooperation with the team leader.
  • FOLLOW UP: A second team survey after 3-6 months can show effects and changes.

          For further information please download the attached PDF-document.  click here
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